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Learning during vacations


Vacations is the time every student looks forward to after a long period of continuous learning. However, it is not a time in which they stop the learning process but the perfect space to test what they have learnt.

School education is based on parameters, statistics, planning, and careful chosen resources that will ensure skills acquisition and development. Guided inquiry methodology and project-based approach within the classroom activities help students think critically about their learning process and reflect on their decisions and actions. Students’ freedom will bounce between the walls built by the target curriculum.

Thus, vacations seem like a time in which limits are not contemplated in the minds of any learner. They will certainly be using the skills they have developed in class to discover, analyze, and prove their theories about the existing world. Activities such as traveling, playing in a park, doing handcraft, and talking confidently to people with the appropriate register or politeness will be the way to put classes into practice. Experience is the best teacher.

Let’s take our time from the daily routine and careful planned process of living to experience life and prove school has been worthwhile.


Marjorie Ladines



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