Vía Salinas Km. 20.5, Guayaquil. Ecuador
Teléfonos: (5934) 3904794 - 2738066 - 3906276 - 3906274
e-mail: info@sekguayaquil.com

Sek Guayaquil Bilingual International School


Institution Activities

Intersek 2020

Every year, students from SEK and IES schools join for a week of activities and coexistence. In 2020 take place at SEK Eiris International School.

For more information, please contact the Director of International Programs at the school.



Semana Blanca

Annual event that brings together students from all colleges SEK

Green Week

Green Week introduced to young people aged 13 and above to a range of enviromental issues in the context of Costa Rica 's native extraordinary resources . Students visit some of the Most Exciting wild areas of Green Week This amazing country is based at the SEK INternational Institution 's school and is supported by WHO staff are bilingual in Spanish and Inglés

For more information , Please contact the Director of International Programs at the school .

Programa internacional de ingles en Boca Ratón Prep School.

This program , which has been operating for over ten years , gives students the international institution SEK

Programa internacional cultural y de ingles en St. John's School, Inglaterra.

During the months of July and August ,


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