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Sek Guayaquil Bilingual International School - Services, Uniform Uniform

Students must use a uniform to school, since it is part of SEK style inside and outside the classroom. All students must have a daily uniform and a sports one, both needed to go to school every day of the year.


All parts of the SEK uniform have to be acquired in the authorized center or centers for its correct consistency.


Gray trousers.

Navy blue sweater.

Long sleeve white shirt and school tie.

Blue or white Polo shirt.

Blue SEK Jacket.

Navy sweater with School crest.

Socks (navy blue).

Black shoes, moccasin or lace.

Students using undershirt, it must be white and no drawings or prints.

A kindergarten children are allowed to attend with gray cloth shorts lead



Blue or white Polo shirt.

School Skirt, knee high.

Navy blue sweater.

Navy sweater with School crest.

Wool socks navy blue.

Black shoes, moccasin or lace.

The students who use undershirt, it must be white with no drawings or prints.


SEK Sports Uniform:

White Sports jersey – with SEK logo

Blue sweatpants

Blue body stocking for girls

Red and white socks

White sneakers

Jogging suit – with SEK logo

The swimming suit is earmarked by the school

The use of the Sport uniform is a requirement in order to attend PE and other similar activities in or out school.

Note- Student of early education or preschool will assist exclusively with the PE uniform




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