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Extraordinary World Champions


On June 2017, our elementary school cheerleaders began their singular training. Impressively, fifteen days later, this cheerleading squad were winners in an interscholastic gathering, in which they received a blue ribbon for their distinguished performance as first timer participants. Then they classified in an internal tournament held in Guayaquil, and finally the squad was proclaimed number one in its category on behalf of Ecuador at the "World School Cheerleading Championship" that took place in Orlando, Florida last week.

The “Tiger” as they call their cheerleading squad, are small in age, and has shown us how bright a horizon can be with loyalty, effort and commitment, devoting many hours of training on weekends and holidays. This group of girls has given us the great pride to have earned a gold medal at this international competition.

This has been an outstanding achievement for SEK Guayaquil and also a triumph for Ecuador, as these remarkable cheerleaders were not only representing our school but our country as well.

A well-deserved applause for all of them!


Kathalina Urquizo

Directora de Admisiones


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