Vía Salinas Km. 20.5, Guayaquil. Ecuador
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SEK International School graduates become part of our Alumni Club, a cub created and designed for them. So they know they are and will be part of their school. An institution whose doors are opened and where they will always find a helping hand and the memories of every moment lived by them.

We have been organizing Alumni Sports Games and is gratifying to see how much we grow every year. In 2009 we started organizing them on Sundays in order to make it more familiar.

To keep up with technology a Facebook fanpage has been created



The existence of this organization within the education system of the school responds to the conscious responsibility to cover clear and essential training objectives:

1. Promote the necessary spirit of solidarity beyond the strict academic context.
2. Provide students with a framework for developing their skills and personal concerns.
3. Harvest necessary the appeal to achieve self-realization of their activities and stimulate responsibility and accountability for one's actions.
4. Intensify coexistence between teachers and students beyond the classes, thereby enhancing the imperative educational proportion, which must be understood in the relationship between teaching and human formation.
5. Assume the role of participating in school life.




The Educational Journalism is a constant search for information that leads to the production and distribution of topics of interest to the educational community, considering that these informational messages form learners, from their point of view and taking into account their own interests . In Guayaquil SEK International Institution, we are making the way to teach them to be citizens of the world from all the information they receive and generate, recalling that:

We are formed when we develop all our faculties, when we direct our feelings of pain and joy towards ethics, to happiness, to a life for others, or when we send the models for which the world becomes explicable and even when we adapt to them because only then, we reach the goal for which undoubtedly were created.


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