Vía Salinas Km. 20.5, Guayaquil. Ecuador
Teléfonos: (5934) 3904794 - 2738066 - 3906276 - 3906274
e-mail: info@sekguayaquil.com


One characteristic of the International College SEK-Ecuador (Guayaquil), is the importance attached to the collaboration between families and the school at large. This collaboration is extremely necessary if we consider that the learning of our students cannot complete solidly without their concurrence. Between families and the school has to be a permanent bridge that consolidates and builds through collaborative actions and activities, based on constant feedback mechanisms that enable the education of each student becomes a shared task between parents / guardians and the school.

Education is an ongoing and continuous process. The student requires a self-paced learning on our campus handle a customized system , a suitable method and effective support .

The College sets the optimum Tutorial System to allow proper guidance and monitoring of students and tutors as the people responsible for this orientation , the right advice and proper communication between family and school.

According to our Educational Project , the most delicate role in the educational process is fulfilled by the Guardian , who after empathize with the essence and methodology of teaching and learning own institution , becomes the link between the learner , their teachers and their parents.

If you need to contact tutors , you can contact them to ask for a personal appointment or to inquire over the phone ( 5934 ) 2738066-3904795 .


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