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Colegio Internacional Sek Guayaquil - Activities, Institutionals Institutionals

As members of the International Institution SEK, our students can participate in international activities organized by the institution in which students meet from all Schools.

The interaction and cultural exchange is one of the key objectives of these activities which are annual and are developed at the headquarters of the Institution.

Spring holidays-CHILE

It is an international experience in which students enjoy SEK for a week in Chile, where they learn to ski and share unforgettable moments as a sign of fellowship.

Spring holidays-USA

It is an international experience in which students enjoy SEK for one week in USA, where they learn to ski and share unforgettable moments as a sign of fellowship.

Integration SEK - ECUADOR

It is an extraordinary opportunity to get together, our primary students, the three high schools of Ecuador, true bonds of friendship and cordiality. Participants’ will perform recreational activities and share a number of experiences in these days of integration.

Green Week - COSTA RICA

This event promotes the coexistence with students who interact with nature in several eco-touristic activities developed in English language, promoting bilingualism and internationality.

Sports and Cultural InterSEK

The internationality of our school is a great opportunity to bring together young peoplefrom several cultures and countries to participate in magnificent sporting and cultural eventsThese events occur every year, alternating the cultural with the sports onein various international locations where SEK is present, previously selecting the host countryNext year it will take place in SEK Pacifico Viña del Mar (Chile).

World Cultural InterSEK

Sport InterSEK

Blue Week - Valencia, SPAIN

An extraordinary experience, where students of our SEK International Institution have the opportunity to receive unparalleled training lessons in values ??like hard work, friendship, solidarity, courage, etc.., all this on board the training Cervantes Saavedraship which parts from the city of Valencia onto ??a fabulous cruise to Palma deMallorca in an experiential learning context of history, geographyastrology, meteorology, etc..

SEK Boca Preparatory School Program (USA)

The basic objective of the SEK Boca Raton Quarterly Prep School Program designed for students of all schools of the institution between 12 and 16 years old, is the advancement or improvement of English language skills. For this reason, students are incorporated into school life in all its activities and classroom hours and taught by native speakers of the center.

The School also has extensive open areas and facilities which allow full training in sports including swimming, volleyball, flag-football, soccer, basketball, etc. It is near the renowned Chris Evert Tennis Academy, in which students can practice the sport. Students will stay in school or in private homes.


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