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Early childhood is a crucial stage in the development process and formation of personality. At this stage lays the basics, the essential foundations for all subsequent development, hence the importance of fostering social and emotional development as a chance to encounter and discover this wonderful universe that is the child's life, through a simple way, easy access and full enjoyment.


The importance of childhood education is mainly because this is the period in which the individual assimilates a larger amount of environmental stimuli and builds a foundation for further training.

 We aim to encourage and promote the development of the child during this period. We consider two fundamental levels and necessary as part of child development: an initial level of recognition and awareness with the social and physical environment, and a second level of consolidation and acquisition of the necessary tools for entrying into primary education.

Children at this stage are introduced to the learning of the English language, with a significant number of hours devoted to this subject with the principle of globalization; also, gradually integrating the Mandarin language, articulating the different areas that make up the curriculum to education so that you can move forward with the needs and demands of modern society.

 Our active, cheerful and imaginative methodology in children, stimulates their creativity and observation skills. We will use Ipads and whiteboards to promote student learning.




Provide students with life experiences, meaningful learning, strengthen speaking and writingskills, educating with joy and freedom are the main objectives of primary education.

The use of a greater number of teaching aids and technology as whiteboards and Ipads smoothes the progress of children's internalization of knowledge and gives them time and opportunity to take part and be responsible for their own learning.

This section continues with the comprehensive study of the English language and will continue to work in this language with its extension to the subjects of Social Studies and Science. Also, it continues to gradually expand the study of Mandarin.

It will promote in students the love for learning how to read and write. We want students to feel motivated to write in order to express, to increase their ability to speak, to "read" in context, to create their own stories and their own ways of expressing themselves.




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Providing our students to be men and women with an open and critical mind, tolerant and respectful, lovers of progress and culture, is our primary goal.

To achieve this, we will implement new educational initiatives that will accelerate the pace of enrichment of our students in a constructive atmosphere and emotional motivation.

We will promote the following aspects:

Project planning, a regime of greater interdisciplinary and intensive study of the English language will provides students a multicultural perspective, important at the present time.

Values ??education will continue to be the focal point and irradiation of the whole educational process. Both academic performance and correct behavior in the Centre will be the basic standards in the selection and retention of all who make up the school.

Motivate the complex process of learning the history and content of cultural and social background, through teaching of the subject "International Culture and Civilization."


The IB Diploma Programme

As a stakeholder of the International Baccalaureate Organization, our students have the opportunity of participating in its most emblematic educational initiative and hence, of being awarded with the Diploma at the same time as they comply with the local standards for graduation. Through the Diploma Programme, our students are encouraged to act responsibly, critically, open-minded, with tolerance and respectfully towards progress and other cultures.

Our students are exposed to facts, ideas and skills from all the areas of human knowledge. Ranging from literature, through experimentation, to arts, our school offers a variety of subjects that allow our Diploma candidates to explore deeply a vast array of information, to develop unknown abilities and grow as global individuals.

Besides acquiring knowledge from individual subjects, they also have the opportunity to engage into different kinds of knowledge from other perspectives such as perception, emotion, language, and reason through a special requirement known as the Theory of Knowledge course.

A second requirement, the Extended Essay, stimulates independence and in-depth inquiry on a question or problem related to any of the subjects offered in the IBDP.

Finally, students become real and caring citizens through Creative action, and service initiative. This is not a course. It is actually an opportunity for the students to engage on the issues their communities face and to empower them to make of this a better world. CAS allows them to interact with the real world beyond the classroom and to put into practice what learnt in school.

The IBDP is globally recognized due to its international standards and challenging nature, which guarantees a successful performance in foreign universities, in their careers and in the real world.



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